Welcome to the National General Aviation Flight Information Database (NGAFID)

The NGAFID is part of Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS), a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded, joint government-industry, collaborative information sharing program to proactively analyze broad and extensive data sources towards the advancement of safety initiatives and the discovery of vulnerabilities in the National Airspace System (NAS). The primary objective of ASIAS is to provide a national resource for use in discovering common, systemic safety problems that span multiple operators, fleets, and regions of the airspace. Safety information discovered through ASIAS activities is used across the aviation industry to drive improvements and support a variety of safety initiatives. The NGAFID was originally conceived to bring voluntary Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) capabilities to General Aviation, but has now expanded to include the broader aviation community.

While sharing flight data is voluntary, there are many reasons pilots and operators should consider participating.

What is digital Flight Data Monitoring?

FDM is the recording of flight‐related information. Analysis of FDM data can help pilots, instructors, or operator groups improve performance and safety.

Why should I participate with ASIAS and NGAFID?
  • You can replay your own flights and view your data to identify potential safety risks.
  • Pilots in safety programs are less likely to be involved in an accident (GAO 13‐36, pg. 13).
  • Attitude data you collect will provide you enhanced feedback to improve your skills.
  • Your data will improve safety for the entire aviation community.
  • Your data cannot be used for any enforcement purposes. The FAA cannot see your data.
How will this project benefit the aviation community?
  • By working together, the community will identify risks and safety hazards specific to the general aviation and other communities.
  • The communities can develop and implement solutions to recognized problems.
How can I participate?

You can participate in two ways. (1) Data can come from either your on-board avionics (for example, a G1000 or data recorder) or (2) using a newly developed mobile app — on your smart phone or tablet.

To sign up for an NGAFID account click here or download the GAARD (GA Recording Device) App for IOS and Android below:
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